My Sexual Life

“A Book That Helps an Individual Attain a True Sexual Life”

This book is the answer of your all sexual doubts and confusions on intellectual, emotional, social, and traditional levels; just follow them and enjoy the maximum of your doubtless sexual life.”

Before starting this book, I just want to tell you all that, this is a very sensitive topic we are talking about in this book. I tried to write on sexuality very openly against traditions that make human’s sexual life hell, knotty, miserable, torturous, and painful. This book can break many of your beliefs and traditional upbringings about sexuality and relations. So be careful, and read it with your responsibility.

Its description about sexuality from entirely different angle or non-traditional perspective can harm someone´s thought and ideas possibly, as they may have priority and respect for the traditions, or maybe they are so affected and conditioned by the traditions that they lose their originality and capacity to think beyond them, so they can be offended sometimes with its very original ideas about sexuality, that hammers the traditions most of the times.

So be careful before reading it, as a lot can be broken inside you about sexuality (that came through tradition), that is worth breaking for the better sexuality, that makes life serene and brings peace and happiness in human life.

After reading it you will no longer be the same person as before, so far it is concern to your sexuality. It is burning  knowledge about your own sexuality that will immediately destroy your ignorance about it, and for the moment you may feel baseless, as “old knowledge” about sexuality has gone, which is indeed nothing but obstacles, restriction, and ignorance only, and new is not settled yet. But don’t worry, knowledge is always useful and worthy. Follow it, and it will be yours, and you will be blessed with fair sexuality that is yours and is away from any blockages and unnecessary restriction on it. It will help you to be yourself finally.

This book is purely my vision about sexuality, and one don’t need to be convinced with it necessarily; they can just continue following their ideas and vision about sexuality that maybe affected by traditions, or not. This is my view about sexuality and is written for people like me, other people will be unaffected by it and their philosophy about sexuality.

Live your life being original, but not the shadow of the traditions and other´s instructions and restrictions, because that does not bring peace and happiness in your life and you lose what you are.

My simple vision is to remove all conflicts and confusions from the sexual lives, but not to create anymore. So don’t take it very seriously if you are not convinced with it purely, and live your sexual life as usual the way you have been living so far, which can certainly be painful and miserable most of the times.

“Be Yourself !”


This book is dedicated to help all men and women of the world who suffer from bad sexual traditions and many folds of sexual bans, restriction, and unnecessary rituals on their sexual and love life that are coming in the tradition since the beginning of humanity. There are same sexual problems and blockage in whole humanity in all time, space, and circumstances regardless of their cultural and traditional evolution and values.

People suffer for natural sex no matter where they are for society´s unnecessary grip and control, that is purely earned and provoked by ignorance and desire to control people through their sexuality, but nothing else.

The light is missing from the most important area of human life, that is sex, without which even life cannot exist. It is awful and terrible situation for each individual, as they are born in such a society that don’t respect naturalness of their own sexuality. It is like cutting the river flow and letting people suffer and die without it. Sex is river of life and it is sacred water that brings peace, happiness, fun, and holiness in life, and makes life energetic but not depressed.

This book is all about natural sexuality as it is born in the life of human beings; the raw, original, and the purest without any contamination of society and any traditional effect on the mind. This is the society that contaminates the original thoughts about a person’s own sexuality and makes the person blocked and conditioned for their sexual inflexibility and brings permanent sexual blockage in life.

Sexual blockage is basically energy blockage, as universal energy flows in the form of sex in living entities, and when it is blocked, it blocks all other vital forces of life as well, and destroys the gusto of life and one can feel eternally trapped, very lonely, and low emotionally, and can even think that life is a hell and I am a stupid basterd for being here unnecessarily. It is an outrageous, disgraceful, merciless, and blasting situation for humankind and each individual and we are responsible for that; can we change it?

This book is a little, but an honest effort in this direction.


Humanity has traditions of millions of years, and by all that time we are affected by our culture, by our great forefathers, by our country, by our time, space, and circumstances all together.

In many other fields, including the sex, the good work has been done with the long traditions of humanity, like in India “Kama-Sutra” and some other culture too have revealed the secrets of sexuality, but no one has worked on to remove the confusion and conflicts on emotional and intellectual levels of sexuality as we are trying to do in this book.

In this book we are trying to work more on the emotional and intellectual level of sexuality rather than just physical levels. Here we are trying to touch a different and more critical dimension of the sexuality that is responsible for better play in itself and can be useful for humanity. Before play sex, mind and emotions should be clear and without any confusion and preconceived ideas, that is hugely given by social ignorance and manipulation. To remove them, we are working through this book.

Welcome to new and better sexual world that you deserve being human.

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