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Best Vastu Course in UK

Have you ever walked into a building or house and thought. The vibes in this place are wonderful, breath-taking, amazing!’? Or to the contrary. “My God, I don’t like the vibes in this place!”? On both counts, we’ve all had such positive and negative feelings about a room, house, building, forest, or park at one time or another. Additionally, we’ve had similar feelings about the good, bad, or mixed vibes or energies we get from people.

But what exactly are these ‘vibes’ or ‘energies that emanate from people and buildings? When a particular place makes you feel uneasy or even ill while other places make you feel good and healthy, this is a real effect with a real cause. So Nature’s good and bad energies are just as real as the effects on your body and mind.

The whole science of Vastu is the art of positioning your home and office to attract Nature’s auspicious influences and to block Her inauspicious influences. It is as simple or that, but sometimes it becomes rather more complicated to implement. How Nature’s subtle forces profoundly influence everyone at every moment is often overlooked. Unveiling the reality of Nature’s multifarious influences is the agenda of this course, and how to harmonise those influences is the ancient solution given by Vastu.

An acute awareness of Nature’s subtle yet powerful influences that are constantly entering everyone’s immediate surroundings is concisely presented. How positive and negative energies come from the eight directions and how they affect you and your house is clearly revealed. Vastu is based upon scientific energetic principles expounded in the oldest writings in the world. Check out Nature’s energies that you are living with’, open up your living spaces to Her auspicious influences, block all Her negative energies, and experience a significant improvement right in your own office or home.

Here I present the Best Vastu course in UK for the curious students of the Vedic Sciences, so that they can learn the main principles of Vastu Shastra and the method to apply it on the Vastu based home, buildings, offices, hotels, Temples.

The Vastu Course is designed to develop knowledge of Vastu-Shastra in a detailed step-by-step progress, followed by the practical application of the subject. It is useful to create harmonized home, office, hotels, Factories, Temples etc.

best vastu course in uk

Classes Structure:

Will begin as per individual requirement, so it is going to be one to one private tuitions. Individual 12 classes. Classes are held on the same day each week and run 1.50 hours in length. Time to interact and ask questions is included within this timeframe.

All study materials will be provided by us.

Extra hours:

If one feel he need more hours to understand the principles apart of the hours given with the course, he can buy extra hours. The individual hours will be coast 100 pounds each hour. For booking minimum 5 hours there will be discount of 10% in price and for booking 10 hours there will be 15% discount in the price.

Vastu Course:

18 Hours


The Foundation Course aims to train Counsellors and teachers of Vastu Shastra. This is the first and the most important step for becoming a Vastu consultant. Students will be able to study and analyse homes/offices with Vastu defect and have a deep understanding of the principles. This will give them a firm grasp in the essentials of Vastu Shastra.


Introduction of the subject and knowing the base.

Day 1
  • Introduction,
  • Origin of Vastu
  • An Architect’s qualification
  • Vastu, Astronomy, and Astrology
  • Basic principles, Signs of zodiac
  • Vastu and Nature’s law of Karma
  • Vastu and Geography
Day 2
  • Main influence in Vastu:

    • Five great elements,
    • Influential planets in Earth’s sphere,
    • Controllers of eight directions,
    • Morning sunshine,
    • Earth’s magnetic field.
Day 3
  • You land attribute  for good Vastu:

    Land slope, Land shape, Soil condition, Land history, Adjacent buildings, Surrounding streets, River- canals, Surrounding area, Hills – mountains, The land orientation and your work, A Bhumi puja ceremony for a new plot of the land.

Day 4
  • Your outside placements:

    Front gate’s position, Front gate’s obstacle, House position on land, Qualitative usages of quadrants , Buildings with irregular forms, Tree, gardens, plants, and flowers, Water reservoir and well, Compound walls, Tool shed, Roof, balconies, and verandas, Car parking.

Day 5
  • Check your inside positioning:

    Main entrance, House centre, Lounge/living rooms, Study, Kitchen, Pantry, Combined toilet and bathroom, Single toilet, Sleeping direction, Bedrooms, Bathroom without a toilet, Staircase, Doors, and windows, First floor, Dining room, Safe, Cellar/basement, Heating, Colours, and zodiac.

Day 6
  • Defects that may cause cancer and various illness:

    • Northeast defects may cause various cancers
    • Northwest defects can spoil close relationship
    • Southeast defects mainly affect women and children
    • Southwest defects invites accidents
    • Defects in east give rise to a decline in health,
    • Defects in west affect male children’s education
    • Defects in north invites financial and health problems
    • Defects in south cause looses
Day 7
  • Vastu and Ayurveda for complete health:

    • Balancing the influence of five cosmic elements
    • Harmonising your Doshas with the five elements
    • How to determine your dosha type
    • How the Doshas connect to the various directions.
Day 8
  • How to easily remove up to 90% defects:

    Correcting land shapes and slopes, Structural changes, Adopting behavioural changes, Adjusting the interior, Substituting, or altering room functions, Balancing the five elements, Correcting with colours, Enlargement with mirrors, Energizing with natural images, Using plants, Harmonising with sounds, mantras, and music, Cleansing an old house with a Vastu Puja ceremony, Avoiding clutter.

Day 9
  • Good Vastu attracts money

    • The effect of good Vastu on your business
    • The effect of bad Vastu on your business
    • Ideal business usages and positioning.
Day 10
  • Divisions of energy fields in a building

    • Eight-fold division of a house,
    • Sixteen-fold division of a house
    • Eighty one-fold of a house.
Day 11
  • Matrix and Mandala of a building

    What is Mandala? Five fundamental principles in Vastu. Vastu Purusha mandala, Sakala Mandala, Pechak mandala, Pitha mandala, Biggest mandala, Manduka mandala, Ayadi calculations.

Day 12
  • Creating your own little universe

    • Case study
    • Vastu consultant for a new home

Price: GBP 1100

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All Classes are conducted through Video Calls only

Price: GBP 800

All Classes are conducted through Video Calls only