Vedic Astrology: Beginners Course

Vedic Astrology Beginners Course

This course is for beginners. Those who don’t know anything about astrology, but are interested to learn some basics about the astrology without which they cannot learn anything further, that will make the base for the advanced course.

Classes Structure:

Every week there will be 1 class. It consist of 12 webinars/individual private tuition over 3 months. Classes are held on the same day each week and run 1.5 hours in length. Time to interact and ask questions is included within this timeframe.

All study materials will be provided by us.

Extra hours:

If one feel he need more hours to understand the principles apart of the hours given with the course, he can buy extra hours. The individual hours will be coast 100 pounds each hour. For booking minimum 5 hours there will be discount of 10% in price and for booking 10 hours there will be 15% discount in the price.

Vedic Astrology Beginners Course in UK

Beginners Course:

18 hours.


The Beginners Course aims to train Counsellors and teachers of Vedic Astrology. This is the first and the most important step for becoming a Vedic Astrologer. Students will be able to study and analyse Jyotish Charts and have a deep understanding of the principles. This will give them a firm grasp in the essentials of Vedic Astrology.

It will be followed by more advanced Rules of Interpretation and Prediction Course to complete the study.


Introduction of the subject and knowing the base

Day 1
  • Vedic Philosophy
  • Soul’s journey and Karma
  • The overview of Vedic Astrology
  • Jyotish, Karma, Mantra and Moksha
  • The purpose & the division of the Zodiac
  • What is a birth chart?
Day 2
  • The overview of Vedic Astrology,
  • Origins of Vedic astrology
  • Eastern vs. Western astrology
  • Destiny vs. free will
  • Qualifications of a Vedic Astrologer
Day 3

Some interesting points about the planets and their relation to everyday life:

  • Description of the 27 Nakshatras (Constellations) that are the source of 12 Signs:
  • The Division of the Zodiac
Day 4
  • Description of 12 Rashis.
  • Important division of Rashis:
    • The Trikona or Triangular groups
    • The Kendra or Quadrangular groups
Day 5

Description of 12 Rashis(Signs).

Day 6
  • Trikona, Kendra, Dusthana, Dharma, Upachayas, and Apchaya houses
  • Karaka
  • Planet, Bhava, and Rashi combination:
Day 7
  • Description of 9 Planets: The Navagraha, the nine planets, Rahu Ketu – the shadow planets of past life.
Day 8
  • Planetary Friendship
  • Uccha
  • Moola
  • Trikona
  • Swasthana
  • Neecha of planets:
  • Some important lordships of the houses that are very useful in the prediction:
Day 9
  • Planetary aspect
  • Retrograde planets
Day 10
  • Vinshotttary Dasha: Dasha system, a unique system to Vedic Astrology which relates to times of life and events
  • Transits- how planets travel through the sky and their effect in the Birth Chart
Day 11
  • Types of Vedic Astrology charts.
Day 12
  • Interpreting Your Birth Chart/Chart analysis

Price: GBP 1100

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All Classes are conducted through Video Calls only

Price: GBP 850

All Classes are conducted through Video Calls only