About Me

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Best Vedic Astrologer in london, Face and Palm Reader, Vaastu Expert, Vedic Ritualist, Renowned Author

Born in the holy town of Vrindavan, India, I hail from a family of Brahmin priests and astrologers. My ancestors have been spreading the light of Hinduism – ‘Sanatan Dharma’ and I continue to contribute, putting in my best efforts to guide humanity towards a proper direction in life. I have always been interested in the fields of Vedic Astrology, Face Reading, Vaastu Shastra and Vedic rituals. I believe books are the best reflection of our thoughts and that has encouraged me to author and publish three books that convey different aspects of life.
  • Beauty without Makeup – The path to achieve true and absolute beauty
  • The Stupid Swamis – A peek into the world of genuine spirituality
  • My Sexual Life – Harmonious dealing with sexual and relationship issues

My Background & Experience

I have attained a master’s degree in Traditional Indian History and Culture from Agra University in India. Combining the tools and nuances of face reading, palm reading, and Vedic astrology helps me to understand people closely and guide them towards the right track and proper direction of life.

I have mastered traditional Brahmin rituals from my father and am qualified to perform poojas for different Hindu functions. Studying the Vedas and implementing Vaastu Shastra – the traditional Indian system of architecture has been my forte.

My Vision And Mission

My vision for the future is to help people be their own masters and perceive the power within themselves, spread the science of light and embed the principles of Indian architecture into daily living. I aim to make a productive impact in the lives of people by empowering them with the effectiveness of the skills that I possess.

My mission is to enlighten all those seeking guidance in pursuit of happiness and inner peace. I wish to serve humanity with the best of knowledge that I have gathered over these years, in the arena of Vedic astrology, face and palm reading, Spiritual healing, Vaastu analysis and through my books.

Why Have I Written These Books?​

When I was 16, I was introduced to Vedic Astrology by my father. I was surprised that how much this divine science can reveal and help us to enlighten us and achieve our goals in life. I immediately decided that this is what I am going to do in my life, and fortunately I have the blessings of some great masters who are aware of the superior mystery of life, that I am always grateful

I started my career with Vedic astrology, but eventually more things got added throughout my professional journey that have contributed to my work of Vedic Astrology, like face reading and palmistry as complementary sciences to explore its true potential.

And after almost 30 years of practicing astrology and face reading, it was revealed to me how the face changes as per person´s mood and actual actions, and how it can be absolutely controlled.

It was a stunning revelation to me, which was also the base of why all demons are ugly and Gods are beautiful. I immediately started working on it thinking of creating an article on it. But as it was a huge topic, finally, it took the shape of a book as I had enormous information of almost a million people that I saw and observed throughout my professional career. It revealed to me the secret that how thoughts and actions affect our face and how we can rectify it knowingly.

It ended up as my first book “Beauty without Makeup” where I have explained how one can modify the face without any outer remedies and can create true beauty by his/her own, that is why I call it “Beauty without Makeup”.

The Stupid Swamis:

All through these years of working and travelling around the world, I have always wondered what kind of spirituality are they selling here in Europe and America, in the name of India… I felt so ashamed as it is not what I have learnt in Vrindavan with great traditions of knowledge with Great Masters.

This filled me with rage and pity against the people who were apparently “Spirituals”. ****

These so called masters or swamis, whom I call as “Stupid Swamis” were selling the name and knowledge of India just for money and greed. They were highly engaged with heavy competition with other ‘so called’ swamis without working on their own spirituality and enlightenment. I could really see that from their faces as they had dull eyes and stressed faces, that a true Swami will never have. Unfortunately, these unkind, ignorant, and spiritually blind people have made the business of light and knowledge that cannot be sold anyhow but can only be achieved by the true penance and sincere efforts.

People who were coming to them for spiritual help since they were facing a difficult time in their lives, were looted, and cheated by them with their so called “Spiritual Knowledge”, simply because they were not enlightened and had bad intentions.

And this is how I started working on my second book “The Stupid Swamis”, as I thought these stupid swamis must be exposed and their truth must be revealed for the common people´s spiritual welfare, as they were malicious and harmful.

In this book I talk about true spirituality among the fake ones, so that actual seekers come to know the difference between what is provided by these stupid swamis and what they could really achieve simply by avoiding them.

The book gives you all the tools against these stupid swamis who are like vultures and spiritual blackholes, and always looking for innocent prey like you. It gives you total authority on your own spirituality that these Stupid Swamis can never provide.

It gives you the tools with which you can enlighten yourself without any need to go to them.

My Sexual Life:

I still felt a need to work on an unseen area, i.e. the sexual and relationship area of people, in which I have seen biggest number of problems in their life.

Even those who have presumably “everything” in their life, were suffering from this great problem without any hope to escape from it. They were living hopeless, depressed, and disgusted life for this very reason. The subject which is supposed to be the best subject of their life, because they have always desired to have some partner, was become a complete trap for them.

The life of the people and their personal circumstances have given me enormous information and insight to know and introspect the real reason and solution for their all relation and sexual problems as per their personal evolution and actual circumstances.

So once again I immediately started working on my third book “My Sexual Life”.

Its name is “My Sexual Life”, but it is not my own sexual life indeed, as it describes everyone´s sexual life who read it. It is written in such a manner that it is relevant to everyone and it provides them with an honest solution for their all sexual and relationship problems. This book is relevant to anyone from their specific sexual evolution. Apart, it gives them all the important information about men and women´s basic nature as well, so that they can cope with each other better and create a harmonious relationship.

To be honest, it is a big book and contains almost 800 pages, because this area is so vast and complex that lesser number of pages would not do any justice with it and cannot provide proper information and solution for all the problems of the relationship that exists.

It gives you a wide spectrum of sexuality where all colours and moods are expressed, and you can see where you stand in your actual sexual life. It not only helps you to solve relationship problems, but also gives you a bigger picture of man and woman and their interaction with each other; only this understanding can solve the problems that exists in man and woman since ever.

It is a kind of sexual encyclopaedia of its own kind where we talk about all possible problems of the human relations and it’s all possible solutions.

I may say with complete humbleness that it is one of the most informative books in this subject ever written. It informs a person where he/she stands in actual sexual and relation evolution, and what is the best way to achieve a perfect harmony in life and relationship both. It reveals what are the actual problems in the relation and what are the best possible solutions for them, so that the best sexual life can be attained.


So writing these books has really been a remarkably interesting journey throughout. And now I think it is the time to tell people what I have learnt and share with them their own life´s stories in these three different books, so that they can also learn some secrets and lessons about their own lives that probably they are unaware of. Because all my books are written in such a way that every person is in the centre of it.

It reveals the actual position in personal evolution (Beauty without Makeup), spiritual evolution (The Stupid Swamis), and sexual evolution (My Sexual Life), so that one can fix their life by his/her own without depending on anyone, especially to those who think they have the authority of your peace and happiness. Because, at the end of the day, the imposters do not provide you with anything but only loot your time, money, energy, and aspiration altogether.

The only message through my all three books are, “Be yourself !!”.

This is how you can easily correct your life from all the angles and achieve perfect peace and happiness, that is your born right, and you certainly deserves it.

For the moment only one book “The Stupid Swamis” is available online and can be bought worldwide. The other two books “Beauty without Makeup” and “My Sexual Life” will be available very soon. Keep watching this space for further updates.