Vedic Astrology: Advance Course

Vedic Astrology Advance Course

The vedic astrology advanced course is for those who already are familiar with the planets, with the 12 houses, the zodiac, the constellation etc. so that they can focus on the science of prediction.

Classes Structure:

Every week there will be 1 class. It consist of 14 webinars/individual private tuition over 3.5 months. Classes are held on the same day each week and run 1.5 hours in length. Time to interact and ask questions is included within this timeframe.

All study materials will be provided by us.

Extra hours:

If one feels he need more hours to understand the principles apart of the hours given with the course, he can buy extra hours. The individual hours will be coast 100 pounds each hour. For booking minimum 5 hours there will be a discount of 10% in price and for booking 10 hours there will be 15% discount in the price.

Vedic Astrology Advance Course

Advance course:

21 hours.


The Rules of Interpretations and Prediction techniques Course aims to train Counsellors and teachers in Vedic Astrology. This is the final step for becoming a Vedic Astrologer.

Students will be taught a number of techniques providing a deeper understanding to the subject. All twelve houses will be studied individually.

Shadabala, Vimshopaka, the techniques of using nakshatras, will increase the knowledge of Jyotish.

Syllabus Advance course:

Interpretation techniques and prediction course

Day 1
  • Detail of dasha and Antardasha
Day 2,3 and 4
  • Important facts about the planets that are useful in the predictions
  • Avasthas or states of Planets in a Birth chart And Their Effect on a Person’s Life
    • Jagradadi-Avasthas or States of Consciousness
    • Baladi-Avasthas or Physical States
    • Lajjitadi-Avasthas or the Mental States
    • Deeptadi-Avasthas or Physical-Mental States (Attitude and Mood)
    • Shayanadi-Avasthas or States Related to Activity
  • Vimsopaka Bala (the Varga strength) of the planets
  • The Shadabala or Six fold strength of Planets
    • Sthana bala or strength of the place:
    • Dik bala or strength of the direction.
    • Kala bala or strength of the time and hour.
    • Chestha bala or strength of planetary motions
    • Naisargika bala or natural strength.
    • Drik bala  or strength of the aspect form other planets.
Day 5
  • Visheshika Amshas; Sudarshana Chakra/ studying the chart from the point of view of Lagna, Moon and Sun.
Day 6
  • Bhavat Bhavam/ derivative houses.
Day 7
  • Chalit bhava Kundali 
Day 8
  • Arudhas; The Divisional charts with special focus on navamsha.  
Day 9
  • Panchamahapurusha and Nabhasa adi yogas.
  • Anfa, Sunfa adi yogas and more.
Day 10
  • Prashna or Horary Astrology
Day 11
  • Laghu-Parashari or Jataka Chandrika
Day 12
  • In depth chart analysis of all the 12 houses using information studied so far- using nakshatra, navamsha, and other divisional charts.
Day 13
  • Questions and doubts
Day 14
  • Panchanga,  Remedial Measures

Hope you will enjoy the course and help you to improve your prediction skills .

Price: GBP 1100

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All Classes are conducted through Video Calls only

Price: GBP 1100

All Classes are conducted through Video Calls only