Beauty Without Makeup

“A Book on Attaining Beauty Through Self Consciousness and Inner Strength “

Everyone in this world wants to look beautiful. Here is a book – ‘Beauty Without Makeup – Book’ that assists its readers in attaining the best of beauty with self-awareness and no external remedies or makeup.

As a result of the study and observation of more than a million people through the discipline of ‘Face Reading’, I present, in this book ‘Beauty Without Makeup’, a series of reflections, exercises and tools to achieve true and definitive beauty.

You have in your hands a positive book; an invitation to create your own beauty in a very natural way, as a result of an internal, emotional, and mental process that will be totally reflected your physical level, on your body and face. In these lines you will also finds provocation to reflect on the personal circumstances and tendencies which tend to dispossess you from your physical beauty.

This book is without corners and nooks; it goes directly to your emotions and attitude. After reading it, you will see that you have no excuse to stop believing in yourself and only in the right path of life. This is the only tool to achieve the eternal beauty that humankind possesses.

Beauty Without Makeup

“Self-Awareness is the Key to Beauty Without Makeup!”

What You Can Achieve

With beauty without makeup – Book, one can achieve not just a beautiful face but a better physical shape, photogenic face and bright eyes, facelift, better breasts, toned body secrets and much more. It is surprising that how much one can achieve with Beauty without makeup. It is whole new world to be explored for those who want to try something different, effective and all-natural to achieve their true beauty.

What I present here is unique and without any kinds of outer remedies, but just you. I make you aware and disciplined about the beauty that you can create yourself with a self-awareness that can really transform you. Not just facial beauty, but it also works on precise body parts like eyes, breasts, butts, body, skin tone etc… altogether.


As an author and reader, I am conscious that this book is fairly dense and complex. I wanted to put together all the secrets that have been revealed to me so that all and every one of us can really be beautiful in the most perfect and practical way. This is, depending on our self and with the only aid of our being.

beauty without makeup book

Beauty is a characteristic that has been pursued since the beginning of time. Something that until not very long, me myself thought was not everlasting or eternal. However, after many years of observation, of experience, and after a lot of illumination and blessings from our Marvellous Universe, I can now claim that everyone can be eternally beautiful, or at least can be beautiful for a very long time if we work in the right path. And to do this I put together all the steps that I know, both in theory and in practice, about beauty.

The only thing you must do is desire it. First, read the book, reflect on it and extract from it whatever is suitable and necessary to you to follow the path of beauty. I think it is personal work and full of wonderful surprises. This is something I invite you all to experiment it.

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