Vastu Shastra

“Indian/Vedic architect to build your home/office to align with Nature”

Vastu is a Vedic science, which originates from India. It means ‘the science of building’ and is the origin of Feng Shui. Vastu shastra point towards the different texts that are written on the traditional Indian architecture system. These designs focus on integrating nature with architecture along with the related functions of the structure and the primeval principles that utilize balance, geometric designs, and directional configurations.


The principles of this ancient science are based on the search for a harmonious relationship between the five material elements – Earth, fire, air, water, and ether in the structures that make up our family or work lives.

Knowing the influence of these natural forces we can not only design our home, place of business or office in the right way, but we can also correct these environments to create spaces of harmony with balanced energetic fields, which will, in short lead to a healthier quality of life.

When you live and work in the environments that are aligned with nature – a more balanced way of living emerges through the help of the universe. It is always recommended to observe Vastu shastra rules as you build your dream house, shop, or any structure since it can modify your predetermination for enhancement.

Vastu encompasses of mathematical calculation of a structure and its direction dependent characteristics. Depending upon the information, a thorough planning of room, entry and exit areas, with the placing of furniture etc. can be well thought of, based on the fundamentals of Vastu. These implementations count towards a prosperous future for the occupants, in terms of good health, happiness, peace, prosperity etc.


Services Being Offered

As a part of Vastu analysis and remedies, I offer the following services:

  • Planning of new home and office and correcting the old home or office as per Vastu principles.
  • Vastu Puja – It is a religious ceremony in which we pray to the Lord of the house, Vastu Purush, to remove the negative obstacles and impacts caused by any evil energy.
  • Grah Pravesh (Housewarming) – It is a religious ceremony which is performed prior to moving into a new home. It is believed to garner positivity and good fortune for those living in the house.

What is needed to plan the house of office as per Vastu principles:

I need a house video, or a physical visit based on which the further Vastu analysis can be done. The best is the physical visit but in case if it is not possible we can have your house map along with the video.

The Vastu analysis is based on the following principles:

  • Orientation to find out statistics for facilitating a living area, that can enhance the energy output of the five major elements of nature.
  • Architecture that involves the basic elements like roof, dome, column, base etc.
  • Design layout fundamentals and site planning concepts.
  • Aesthetics that ensures compliance to construction dependent guidelines
  • Measurement of proportions to get a proper dimensional distribution of size and shape.

Significance of Vastu Shastra for Your Home and Office

The major reasons why Vastu must be applied to your homes and offices are:

  • Collect maximum cosmic energy to your space extracting the best of the five basic elements of nature.
  • Enjoy a peaceful and blissful living experience.
  • Achieve success in the business and professional arena.
  • Smooth and stress-free relationship management with peace and coordination.
  • Increase productivity and spiritual understanding of living in perfect harmony.
  • Infuse harmonious, vibrant, and positive ambience around the workplace.
  • Enhance health, energy, financial success, profits, creativity, and effectiveness.
  • Offer a peaceful and good night sleep

Vastu analysis has been a flexible mode of approach for different circumstances. It offers its own ways and means for newly constructed living spaces, homes/offices on rent, already built spaces etc. Different Vastu principles apply to different living spaces. Different tools and remedies can be utilized to avail the best of benefits. It is all about integrating the Vastu principles into modernized architecture with beautiful living space as an ideal output.