The Stupid Swamis

” A Book That Reveals the Ignorance and Harsh Reality of False Swamis and Align you with True Spirituality”

“This book is only dedicated to False Swamis. But those who are not false Swamis, they are away from the approach and radius of this book and I have immense respect on their Lotus feet. The true Swamis have nothing to do with this book as they are already situated in their Soul after long lasting efforts and are far away from the stupidity in spiritual world which is the ornament of these demonic Stupid Swamis, who have created circus and business out of this serious spiritual science that reveals your own mystery”

And who are False Swamis? They can find themselves in this book by reading it carefully. If they are agree that there is no difference in between what is written about False Swamis and their own actions and attitudes towards spirituality; they are false Swami and are considered to be stupid in spiritual world. If their attitudes are as same as described for False Swamis in this book, they are absolutely False Swami without any doubt. Otherwise they are true, respectable, and real Swamis and are the hope of the humanity. This book is written in such a way that they (Stupid Swamis) themselves can recognize them very easily without need to ask someone that who they are.

We can easily know that who is false and who is a true Swami as per recommendation of this book as here we have mentioned a certain criterion to be fulfilled to be a true swami. The one who fulfils them honestly, is a real swami and the one, who doesn’t fulfil them, is simply a Stupid Swami and is the loss for humanity.

This book is only to point out the cheat in the spiritual world; the true swamis and true spiritual people will not be affected by the approach of this book and its blame on spiritual world, and they will remain unaffected like Sun remains intact from the dark clouds. But anyway, if this book causes any inconvenience for them (True Swamis), I will ask deep apology for that, as it is not the intention of this book but just to show the mirror to these Stupid Swamis.

The only purpose of this book is to reveal the secret that how you can be your own master without need to go to these Stupid Masters, and how you can get rid from them. Just follow the book precisely and you will see that you are a little prince of the spiritual sky and much better than these Stupid Swamis

The Stupid Swamis

“Spirituality is a Bargain of Complete Loss!”


Personally, I am not swami; nor do I have the authority to judge swamis. But fortunately, I have had the opportunity and privilege to meet many of those who are, in my opinion, true and spiritually authentic. Through my meetings with them- which form the basis of this book, I have gained in-depth insights and understanding of what it means to be a true Swami.

I had the opportunity to explore their views greater depth and follow up these discussions with more extensive conversations. But the difference between them and many spiritual seekers who were lost while being exploited was disappointing and a matter of concern; people from all walks of life were being misguided and abandoned to their fate after putting their trust in some smoke sellers wearing orange robes. I began to wonder if one could identify certain patterns, some driven by common sense and others more sophisticated driven by experience, that could be utilized to stay away and safe from them. In this book I have sought to present an understandable approach to follow the path spirituality and learn about the outer obstacles that surround it.

I was born into a family of traditional Brahmin priests in the holy town of Vrindavan, the spiritual home of Shree Krishna and my spiritual abode. Through the years I have observed how the essence to Sanatan dharma has been exploited and misconstrued by society. Thousands of people all over the world, even at this very moment that you sit and read this are being exploited and taken advantage of by the ‘so called swamis’. We must consider the fact that some of these swamis may think they know the essence of the Vedas, the purpose of life, how to experience the silence and a popular phrase in the new age community ‘how to raise the kundalini or do transcendental meditation etc.’

On the other side of the coin you have those who very well know that they are simply charlatans who mislead for power, money and simply because they can. A multi-billion-pound industry has sprung in society where there is lack of peace and harmony – where people are searching for answers to life. For every true enquirer there is a “Stupid Swami” ready to take advantage of the vulnerable.

In an existence where it can often be difficult to navigate through the ebb and flow of lie – the thirst for spiritual knowledge like the vast ocean in never ending. The search for sincere seekers often results in a quick spiritual death when they are enticed into a glamorized world of illusion, fakery, and false promises. It is often a case of the blind leading the blind.

Throughout the book, a number of examples and personal anecdotes have been recounted to illustrate the ideas under discussion. In order to maintain confidentiality and protect personal privacy, in every instance I have either changed or omitted names to prevent identification of particular individuals.

I wrote this book for the eager seekers of spirituality (beginners and the more advanced), the curious and the sceptical, and hopefully change the world of spirituality, which is unfortunately, being exploited by some business-minded false spiritual masters to which I refer as “Stupid Swamis, to whom I also want to reach out hereby with goodwill. I don’t pretend to lecture you about the superiority of one approach or one master over another. Instead, you will get the information that you need to get on the right path of Spirituality by yourself as well as the guidelines to find an Authentic Swami.



Basically, the word ‘Swami’ refers to spiritual masters in India – a person with full control of own self along with all levels of existence; from the physical to subtler, from intellectual to the emotional. Someone who has controlled emotions, body, mind, and senses including their destiny as they are the masters of their own self.


This book shows how authority over oneself can only be earned through long ‘Tapasya’ and consistent efforts without getting distracted or carried away by people around or temptations of the material world. True Swamis are purely spiritual beings and live and die for their spirit. They are always in the state of self-awareness, being able to unlock the mysteries of their lives.

These true Swamis do not remain ignorant like the Stupid Swamis who remain eternally ignorant throughout their lives and pretend to be Swamis. These Stupid Swamis just want to fool innocent people for their own social and economic reasons. They tend to destroy themselves, their spiritual life and the spiritual life of their disciples, innocent people and everyone who depends on them.

Basically, with this book, I want people to understand the true meaning of spiritual life and where they stand in their spiritual journey so that they can make a serious effort to achieve the light and knowledge to become genuine Swamis. And on the other hand, I also want those innocent people to stop following these Stupid Swamis and be just themselves.

It is through the grace of this universe that this book has come into existence. The Sanskrit word Guru translates as “Gu: darkness, and Ru: light meaning the one who destroys ignorance (darkness) and guides you to knowledge (light). I hope that this book will invoke a state of being that brings clarity and stillness so that you may truly experience the essence of Humanity, Sanatana Dharma, Yourself and the Absolute

I hope you find this book useful. If you find it interesting, grab your copy now!

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