The Stupid Swamis


We can easily know that who is false and who is a true Swami as per recommendation of this book as here we have mentioned a certain criterion to be fulfilled to be a true swami. The one who fulfils them honestly, is a real swami and the one, who doesn’t fulfil them, is simply a Stupid Swami and is the loss for humanity.

“This book is only dedicated to False Swamis. But those who are not false Swamis, they are away from the approach and radius of this book and I have immense respect on their Lotus feet. The true Swamis have nothing to do with this book as they are already situated in their Soul after long lasting efforts and are far away from the stupidity in spiritual world which is the ornament of these demonic Stupid Swamis, who have created circus and business out of this serious spiritual science that reveals your own mystery”

And who are False Swamis? They can find themselves in this book by reading it carefully. If they are agree that there is no difference in between what is written about False Swamis and their own actions and attitudes towards spirituality; they are false Swami and are considered to be stupid in spiritual world. If their attitudes are as same as described for False Swamis in this book, they are absolutely False Swami without any doubt. Otherwise they are true, respectable, and real Swamis and are the hope of the humanity. This book is written in such a way that they (Stupid Swamis) themselves can recognize them very easily without need to ask someone that who they are.