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Muhurta is the choosing of an auspicious time for the beginning of new and important activities such as engagement/marriage ceremonies, buy a property, start a new business, or embark on a journey. It is selection of the best time and attaining optimal effects while performing any action/karma/kriya. Astrology calls this auspicious and inauspicious time as Muhurta. It is proven that the probability of a successful venture is enhanced if it is performed in an auspicious muhurta. It will offer maximum result as per your destiny and hence considering the right date and time is important.

Muhurta is a Sanskrit word derived from Muhu (a moment) and Rta (yearly order of different season). Selecting a ‘Shubh Muhurta’ (Auspicious moment) is through a Hindu unit of measurement according to the Hindu calendar. Each Muhurta is divided into Kala (Indian minutes) which then further divides into Kastha (Indian seconds).

The Muhurta is calculated by assuming the sunrise at 6 AM as per the Vedic New Year. As per the Hindu calendar, out of the 24 hours in a day, a total of about 30 Muhurta are calculated with each one being about 48 minutes.

According to ancient scriptures, the Muhurtas can be either auspicious, neutral, or inauspicious. It is always advisable to come to a correct Muhurta analysis and then perform the necessary rituals, to garner the best of results in all applicable fields – be it personal or professional.

Muhurta in London

Why is Muhurta Analysis Important?

For Hindus, it is a regular practice to get the Muhurta analysis done, whenever any auspicious activity is going to take place. Be it purchasing a new home or car, getting married or engaged, performing any traditional ceremony or puja, beginning of any new business or venture, going for a long trip etc.

There could be multiple Muhurta choices that may come up, by referring to the Vedic scriptures. You can then choose from amongst them, based on your convenience and by consulting the expert. This is an important task so that any adverse condition, that could be in line, can be avoided from start. Any sort of complexity of modernized life can be averted.

There are various reasons for which people seek expert advice on Muhurta analysis, here are some of them:

  • For performing different yagnas/pujas
  • For people who don’t have a birth chart or suffer from some Dosha
  • For pushing away evil forces and negativities
  • For creating a perfect balance of energy flow all around
  • For embedding better confidence and spirit of fulfilment

What is Needed?

Selecting an auspicious time should be done by a well trained and experienced astrologer. There must be a thorough knowledge of how to choose the Muhurta-auspicious time and other areas of astrology that are inter-related.

For offering Muhurta analysis services, the following details are needed:

  • The auspicious occasion details
  • Approximate date and time as wished by you


Based on this option, a detailed Muhurat report with options for possible Muhurat date and timings, that suits your background and is best for you, can be worked out.

Since an appropriate Muhurta ensures best of outcome for the chosen occasion, the underlying principles behind it are highly beneficial in ascertaining the outcome. The entire procedure of choosing the most auspicious Muhurta is a complicated process and depends entirely on the Vedic astrologer’s expertise and experience. Finding the best Muhurta needs a lot of detailed analysis that can be done best through the guidance of an expert Vedic astrologer. It is best not to underestimate the power of Vedic astrology and Muhurta analysis. They play a big role in offering lots of success and happiness in your chosen work.

Just share your occasion details with us and leave the rest to us! We will offer you the apt dates and times that will bring the best to you!

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