According to ancient scriptures, the Muhurtas can be either auspicious, neutral, or inauspicious. It is always advisable to come to a correct Muhurta analysis and then perform the necessary rituals, to garner the best of results in all applicable fields – be it personal or professional.

Muhurta is the choosing of an auspicious time for the beginning of new and important activities such as engagement/marriage ceremonies, buy a property, start a new business, or embark on a journey. It is selection of the best time and attaining optimal effects while performing any action/karma/kriya. Astrology calls this auspicious and inauspicious time as Muhurta. It is proven that the probability of a successful venture is enhanced if it is performed in an auspicious muhurta. It will offer maximum result as per your destiny and hence considering the right date and time is important.

Muhurta is a Sanskrit word derived from Muhu (a moment) and Rta (yearly order of different season). Selecting a ‘Shubh Muhurta’ (Auspicious moment) is through a Hindu unit of measurement according to the Hindu calendar. Each Muhurta is divided into Kala (Indian minutes) which then further divides into Kastha (Indian seconds).