Vastu Course


Have you ever walked into a building or house and thought. The vibes in this place are wonderful, breath-taking, amazing!’? Or to the contrary. “My God, I don’t like the vibes in this place!”? On both counts, we’ve all had such positive and negative feelings about a room, house, building, forest, or park at one time or another. Additionally, we’ve had similar feelings about the good, bad, or mixed vibes or energies we get from people.

But what exactly are these ‘vibes’ or ‘energies that emanate from people and buildings? When a particular place makes you feel uneasy or even ill while other places make you feel good and healthy, this is a real effect with a real cause. So Nature’s good and bad energies are just as real as the effects on your body and mind.

The whole science of Vastu is the art of positioning your home and office to attract Nature’s auspicious influences and to block Her inauspicious influences. It is as simple or that, but sometimes it becomes rather more complicated to implement. How Nature’s subtle forces profoundly influence everyone at every moment is often overlooked. Unveiling the reality of Nature’s multifarious influences is the agenda of this course, and how to harmonise those influences is the ancient solution given by Vastu.