My Sexual Life


This book is the answer of your all sexual doubts and confusions on intellectual, emotional, social, and traditional levels; just follow them and enjoy the maximum of your doubtless sexual life.”

Before starting this book, I just want to tell you all that, this is a very sensitive topic we are talking about in this book. I tried to write on sexuality very openly against traditions that make human’s sexual life hell, knotty, miserable, torturous, and painful. This book can break many of your beliefs and traditional upbringings about sexuality and relations. So be careful, and read it with your responsibility.

Its description about sexuality from entirely different angle or non-traditional perspective can harm someone´s thought and ideas possibly, as they may have priority and respect for the traditions, or maybe they are so affected and conditioned by the traditions that they lose their originality and capacity to think beyond them, so they can be offended sometimes with its very original ideas about sexuality, that hammers the traditions most of the times.