Vedic Rituals

As per the Vedas, the purified Sanskrit chants offer a great deal of sound energy healing and release positive energies via cosmic forces. These have a positive impact on the devotee’s mind, body and soul. It also removes all negative vibes that are around. These rituals also help in pacifying the planets to offer the best of results.

Independently of the devotion that each person professes to the gods of the family temple through the daily pooja and offerings of flowers, fruits and incense, there are rituals that can only be performed by priests and brahmins, which normally consist of fire ceremonies, celebrated on special occasions such as the beginning of a season, the full moon, the opening of a house of workplace, the birth of a child etc.

In Hinduism, the Vedic rituals are performed to get spirituality into our lives and instil feelings of piety and religion. Different rituals are performed at different occasions and during different months of the year, depending upon the event. These rituals are a significant concept of religion since it allows advocates to reaffirm their principles. Vedic rituals are meant for an effective communication with self and divinities.