Vastu Shastra


Vastu is a Vedic science, which originates from India. It means ‘the science of building’ and is the origin of Feng Shui. Vastu shastra point towards the different texts that are written on the traditional Indian architecture system. These designs focus on integrating nature with architecture along with the related functions of the structure and the primeval principles that utilize balance, geometric designs, and directional configurations.

The principles of this ancient science are based on the search for a harmonious relationship between the five material elements – Earth, fire, air, water, and ether in the structures that make up our family or work lives.

Knowing the influence of these natural forces we can not only design our home, place of business or office in the right way, but we can also correct these environments to create spaces of harmony with balanced energetic fields, which will, in short lead to a healthier quality of life.

When you live and work in the environments that are aligned with nature – a more balanced way of living emerges through the help of the universe. It is always recommended to observe Vastu shastra rules as you build your dream house, shop, or any structure since it can modify your predetermination for enhancement.