Astrology Consultation (For 1 hour)


Having a Vedic Astrology consultation (in person or via video call) is enjoyable, uplifting, and empowering, and aims to give you a comprehensive overview of your Vedic horoscope and the karmic patterns it reflects. Areas discussed include relationships, career, health, personal strengths and challenges, spiritual growth, and future trends.

Your Vedic horoscope also reveals your natural talents and your karmic destiny regarding career, dharma, and right livelihood, in addition to identifying the best time to make a new career move, while relationship compatibility analysis can provide an effective appraisal of the planetary dynamics existing within personal and business relationships.

With Vedic Astrology it is also possible to find the most auspicious time to begin a new venture, such as marriage, starting a new business, buying a house etc, to ensure that one has maximum support from planets and Nature.