Vedic astrology, Jyotish, Karma, Mantra, Moksha – these terminologies look interesting yet confusing. Here is a detailed article on these concepts of life that are important for us, day in and day out. 


What is it that influences and controls the human being? We all say it is the Almighty God, but he is fair and equal towards all. So, there is something, in addition, that we have forgotten: These are our own planets, the planetary influence on us, which in my view, come from past Karma.     

Tuning in between in our karma and planets is very delicate and directly linked, and they are constantly ruled by each other. Our karma charges the planets and then when the right time comes, these charged planets give us the results of our own Karmas that maybe good or bad. This interaction in between our karma and planets is in coded language and happens very subtlety and need highest level of intelligence and awareness to understand it.

Our masters have been able to see that how and when the results of our karma are delivered.  This secret is known to our ancient masters from thousands of years, and they have been using it as a divine aid to help suffering humanity.

There is constant interaction in between our karmas and the planets and that is the reason that we can even calculate and predict the probability that what is going to happen in our lives in some precise moment of time by calculating the planets and their velocity. It is already a proven science as “Vedic Astrology” and practiced from the thousands of years in India and throughout the world.     

Planetary influence is universal, and they relate to an individual too in a subtle way because everything relates to everything else in this universe.

Planets are huge celestial bodies that influence the whole solar system, and they also affect all individual entities that reside and exist on those planets, that is either human, animals, trees, river, mountain, oceans, continents… and even each other. Everything is under the influence of the planets, and they are smoothly working as per divine plan.   


But this does not mean one cannot improve one´s destiny. With karma, you can improve bhagya (destiny). Karma is such a powerful tool that can change anything in our life. But unfortunately, the power of karma is not known properly and is underestimated for the ignorance about its self-capacity. There is too much interference of the outer world that constantly drives us outwards instead of inwards, where all the secrets and treasures of life are kept, responsible to make us wise, calm, peaceful and fortunate.     

Inner world is filled with all miraculous secrets and insights that can change our life. It is important that we are tuned with our inner selves and then only we can change our outer life. In fact, fortune is the combination of both outer riches (social, economic…), and inner riches (peace, harmony…) together. Just outer riches without any inner riches are worthless and is not fruitful. Only unwise people do it who don’t have any insight of their life. Intelligence is when inner and outer (Spiritual and material) both combine for the whole fortune, otherwise one can pass life just empty and hollow, without any inner peace and without any outer riches as well.      

Balancing “Dharma, Arth, Kama and Moksha” brings the fortune

Once again Dharma, Arth, Kama and Moksha altogether are the ideal position to be achieved in this life time, and this is only possible when one combines his all inner and outer being as a whole, and then only it makes the total fortune in his life and one achieves the eternity, and the fear and destruction of the death is destroyed.      

Otherwise, one can just wander in the world uselessly and endlessly and looking for the solution for his inner world in the outer world; a futile effort that is not useful for any kind of modification in his life, and that finally brings misfortune, stress, depression, anxiety… and life looks like wasted and one lives in the living hell throughout. Any good taste of life disappears then, and one is eternally filled with bitterness, rage, fire, depression… for everything and everyone. This is how misfortune welcomes him!        

Intelligent is the one who make his outer riches and inner riches by creating proper balance in between them, and it is only possible when one is open minded, introspective, has ability to look deep inside and make a profound balance in his inner and outer being.       

Great rishis say that if we don’t tune and balance ourselves in this life time, we will have to go through all this again and again into the 84 lakes Yonis (births) until we are purified and have inner riches and wisdom that balances our life and makes us be able to achieve our all good and peaceful fortune and even Moksha, which is the final aim of humanity.

Moksha is to be consciously dissolved in the nothingness after leaving material body, (Nothingness = formless energetic God).  Just like our bodies dissolve into five elements after death, our soul is also liberated (consciously dissolves in the whole) when body is left, and it doesn’t come back again in the cycle of 84 lakh births unlike those who are not liberated and have not achieved their inner and outer balance. Moksha is the miracle of human life as only human can achieve it, and knowledge of our inner and outer being can make it possible.        

If we can create this balance, we can be instantly liberated and can be the creator of our own destiny. Then our destiny will never bring any anxious and frustrated situations, but it will always be controlled and peaceful.

Vedas delivers this knowledge and are the source of all human harmony, serenity, and balance. Only a true follower is needed; knowledge is always there that can make a huge difference in his life and can bless him with eternity and fortune both.         

But we ignore our capacity of the selection of the righteous karma that brings peace, prosperity, and harmony in our life instead of stress, fear and depression. We do it most of the times and suffer for it. All we need is, to be wiser, get up once again and start our responsible karma with the maximum force in a right direction with the precise vision and highest discipline, and one can instantly change his life and fortune and can also achieve peace.

Attaining true freedom and peace with righteous karma

Following this way, the friction and bondage of life will disappear forever, and one can achieve true freedom that will make the sense of being human. Otherwise, he can just continue the life of the sufferer, even if he is a rich person.

Sometimes rich people suffer more for their ignorance about the self and the ego of the power and money, as they don’t bother to know about the self because they are too busy, occupied and inflated by the money and power that only represent outer world and that makes them blind as they completely ignore inner world and the Self. Finally, they only have money but nothing else, as friends and surroundings are only there for his money but not for him, inside he remains lonely, keeps suffering but remains unaware about it.        

These people suffer so much when they lose their money and power, because then they don’t find anyone by their side and are completely alone, shocked and surprised with this fact; then only they understand the meaning of “Matlabi Dunia” (selfish world), but it’s too late then; the world has gone, and the self is destroyed. Complete disaster and ruin for them. They encounter an eternal lose for their ego and ignorance. But at the end humble wins because he is wiser and don’t commit such stupid mistakes like ignoring the Self and inflated by the ego.  

But anyway, if one can attain true freedom and peace with righteous karma, he can achieve whatever in his life, and even four Purusharthas (…) and the highest one among them, the Moksha too. And this will make the true sense of being human as he has solved the mystery of his being livingly and now, he is ready to dissolve his entire being into the universe and nothingness knowingly. That is what is called Moksha, entering to the unknown knowingly. All this happens because of the righteous karma and proper understanding of the Self.   

Understanding of the Karma makes the planets positive and helpful

Then the same planets that were annoying and disturbing in the beginning, becomes friendly and helpful. All because of proper understanding about the karma. Responsible karma makes good destiny and irresponsible karma destroys the destine; it’s always our choice.     

But if you cannot change your destiny, it does not mean you aren’t successful. People say we are stressed, we want to go for a holiday. But time is the precious thing in the life. And one can always use this time carefully and usefully or just waste it that depends on his mind frame, desire, and personal evolution, which further makes him fortunate or unfortunate as per his choice, actions, and karmas — do what you love to do, relax, and enjoy the work you do but at the same time don’t be irresponsible and unaware of your karma. It is the only key for your better life and good fortune. 

God has given freedom to human beings to apply their minds to make improvements, and one can make one´s own destiny and set one´s own goals: all you need is knowledge about yourself, being positive to you, keep trust in you and nonstop karma in a precise direction with highest discipline to make your destiny better and peaceful.

Peace is the desire behind all our karma. Whatever we do in our life, is to attain peace only. And when we do karma with intelligence and perseverance, it brings peace and major solutions in our life and makes sense to be human, otherwise there would be no difference in between human and animals.    

But if one cannot make improvements in his life, it would be even worse than animals, as animals are at least peaceful without any stress and depression and they don’t have the feeling of failure in their life, but we human are usually filled with them. Humans have all those negative feeling and disaster in life, and for that they have lost their peace long back for not understanding the power of karma and the self.

Karma changes the Bhagya but nothing else. The one who knows this secret, can make all the improvements in his life.   

Balancing the planets

Even when we are influenced by the planets, we can always balance them with appropriate prayers and Mantras as destiny is not fixed and can be played and moulded by one´s plan, vision, appropriate karma and understanding about the self and surrounding universe, that how it works and how it could be moulded in our favour even when if we have not been very fortunate in our lives.

It can be done at any moment in our life and any moment can be the beginning of our new fortunate life. When we decide to do so, this is the right moment, and it must be followed by strong decision and high discipline; all we need to do is don’t stop until we reach to the goal.

Awareness makes difference and taking the help of surrounding universe through planetary mantras and prayers can help us to modify our life.    

Although different Pandits have said this time and again, we hear and then forget it simply because we are into the rat race and are very busy in our lives. We don’t have any vision and time to see ourselves that where we are heading and what can be consequences of our approaches.  Everything is done like a blind person, in a rush and in a nonsense way and once again we end up in the frustration, pain, suffering, misfortune and dilemma of life that could be easily avoided if proper attention to ourselves and our karma is given. Once again karma is the key to solve all the mystery, misery, and the pain of the life.    

Karma without insights only leads us to the frustration, misfortune, sadness, and bitterness of life, we must remember it. This understanding is an eternal knowledge and direct blessings of the almighty God that resolves everything in our life and bring peace, order, fortune, and blissfulness.    

Vedas says that everything has solution, provided one is curious about that and makes a serious effort for it. The fact is that the one who doesn’t want to see the solution, doesn’t have any solution, and cannot make his life better. He lives like a sufferer and dies like a sufferer too without any peace and solution in his life. Many people constantly suffer and live in constant unfortunate situation that can easily be avoided with proper action and awareness. But the lack of curiosity and self-awareness and not knowing the right path to do so makes them continue their destiny as they were presented without any personal efforts to change it: “No action towards the good, brings No positive change in life”, this is simple and easy to understand.     

In the past, many people have changed their lives for knowing the power of karma, and with proper self-awareness, the solutions in life have been achieved. The Vedas which are the source of life and knowledge, guides us in a methodical way so that we can be fortunate, peaceful, and blissful once again.

Mantras calm the mind and change the destiny

Fact is that meditation cannot be practiced just by anyone as it requires higher abilities of sitting down and already calmed mind. But the mantras can be practiced by anyone without any special ability or requirements.

Mantras have a sound effect that wrap the negative energy of the person and modify it to the higher one as it has calming effect on him, (only with the inner and outer calm one can achieve solutions in his life). Besides mantras connects the person with the designated Energy/Devatas/Planet too as they work like a bridge in between chanter and specific energy of the Devata or Planets, and this connection further brings blessings and divinity in his life.

Mantras are our direct connection with the universe through the sound waves and that is capable to give us what we want and what is good for us.    

So, until the mind is not calmed by the mantras, the solution cannot be achieved, as peace is the major solution that can be achieved by chanting of the mantra, and then it brings natural solutions in the life; Peace is the major solution that brings other solutions as well.  Mantras have properties of salvation of the mind; and it releases the mind.

(Mantra: The traditional form of Hindu Shruti texts is called Mantra. It literally means thought or thinking. Mantrana (consultation), and Mantri (Minister) are words made from this root. Mantra is also a type of speech, but like ordinary sentences, they do not put us in bondage, but free us from bondage.

Mantra is the sound that is made up of a group of letters and words. This entire universe is pervasive with a floating energy which has two types – sounds (words) and light. One of the types of energy on the spiritual plane is not active without the other. Mantras are not only sounds we hear from the ears, but these sounds are only the temporal form of mantras.

In the highest state of meditation, the spiritual personality of the seeker becomes completely unified with the God, who is transcendental. He is the source of all knowledge and ‘word’ (ॐ). The ancient sages called it the Shabd-Brahma – the word that is the real God! By seeking the same omniscient Shabd-Brahma (शब्द-ब्रह्म), the seeker can get the desired knowledge).

Unlocking the Self through the Mantras for the right solution

Peace opens the mind and makes one fearless. To be fearless is very important on the path of good fortune and spirituality, because it is the element that makes one self-dependent and honest, and because of these divine qualities one is blessed with the good luck, fortune, peace, and blissful stage of a being that is far away from any kind of frustration, agony and misfortune of life.  With this ability to be fearless, one is Self-sufficient, Self-situated and the master of the self. Peace opens the mind and makes one fearless, without stress, and then the right solution of life emerges by itself.     

Modern science knows so much about the outer world, but it has very little knowledge about inner world, simply because there are no mechanical tools available to explore inner world. Only with the awareness and understanding about the self it could be explored and not everyone can do so, as people don’t bother about the self and are blocked only in the outer material world.

Very selected people are blessed with these tools of understanding the self because these are the only people who have shown their penetration, desire, and inquisitiveness for the inner world, and they have gone through it, and that is why they are blessed with inner treasure too. They are not only rich inside or outside, but they are rich, and that one can see on their faces, eyes and whole being because they are serene, independent, self-sufficient, without any stress and are peaceful.  

Vedas and spirituality from India are full of this insight about the inner world and its immense possibilities, and it has contributed to enrich the humanity through its vast knowledge and inner tools as that is the only thing that can change human life, any other outer tool cannot do so. Mantras are the tools to hold the control of “Inner world”.       

Prayer can transform the life

I have learnt that when person have true and pure mind, there is a birth of true prayer which is effective and makes difference in our life. The prayer that comes from the bottom of our heart is always pure, that makes us humble and able to achieve all the wisdom and energy of the universe and to make our path of life enlightened, easy, worth living and of course fortunate too.       

Besides Vedic rishis have discovered the specific sounds and prayers (mantras) of the energies or entities of the universe (Sun, planets, and stars), with whom you are connected and affected on some specific time of your life, that can be easily calculated through our Astrological chart, planets, and their angular gravitational force on our life (this method is called Vinshotttary Dasha or 120 years of planetary cycle). And when mantras (and prayers) are followed rightly against their negativity, the great visible effect appears in your life that gives you peace and fortune and improves overall quality of life. With that divine energy of the mantras, one achieves all desired results in his life.       

Normally a person does prayers when he is curious or missing something important in his life, but the universe is so kind that it always listens to you and grants what is best for you as per your need, requirement, and personal evolutions. Prayer is the best way to achieve that. Prayer can transform the life and belongings of the person and can charge him with positive energy and good fortune.       

Even a simple word of an everyday language is a mantra and a kind of prayer as it has a hidden meaning to a desired direction. But when it is done precisely with the science of mantras and their proper pronunciation to their desired entities/energies and direction, it can certainly create a big miracle in life and resolve everything. Sometimes it may take some time because of the thickness of the previous karmas, but Mantras are like fire that finally burns them all and make you purest, shining, peaceful and fortunate.         

Vedic Gurukuls (Shadanga Vedanga)

The science of the planetary influences is rooted in the Vedanga Jyotish, one of the six disciplines of study in the Vedic Gurukuls.

They are: Shiksha, Kalpa, Vyakarana, Jyotish, Chanda, and Nirukta. 

Chhandas are considered as the feet of the Vedas, Kalpa is hands, Jyotish is eyes, Nirukta is ears, Shiksha is nose and Vyakarana is considered mouth.

छन्दः पादौ तु वेदस्य हस्तौ कल्पोऽथ पठ्यते
ज्योतिषामयनं चक्षुर्निरुक्तं श्रोत्रमुच्यते।
शिक्षा घ्राणं तु वेदस्य मुखं व्याकरणं स्मृतम्
तस्मात्साङ्कमधीत्यैव ब्रह्मलोके महीयते॥

This auxiliary discipline has focus on the poetic meters, including those based on fixed number of syllables per verse, and those based on fixed number of morae per verse.

Ritual instructions – this field focusses on standardizing procedure for Vedic rituals, rituals associated with major life events such as birth, wedding, and death in family, as well as discussing the personal conduct and proper duties of and individual in different stages of his life. 

Auspicious time for rituals, astrology, and astronomy. This auxiliary discipline focusses on time keeping.

This auxiliary discipline has focus on linguistic analysis to help establish the proper meaning of the words, given the context they are used in.

This auxiliary discipline has focus on the letters of the Sanskrit alphabet, accent, quantity, stress, melody, and rules of euphonic combination of word during a Vedic recitation.

This auxiliary discipline has focus on the rules of grammar and linguistic analysis to establish the exact form of words and sentences to properly express ideas.


It was developed further by scriptures such as the Siddhanta-Siromani, Bhrigu-Samhita, Brahat-Parashar-Horashastra, and many more. The place, date and time of birth determines the planetary position and the influences on the individual. That reveals the mystical relation of the person with this universe.      

Our forefathers discovered how the Navagrahas, the nine planetary influences, impact the way lives are shaped, dreams are lived, qualities are expressed, relationships formed, and fates suddenly switch. The Navagrahas were discovered by our forefathers much before then the modern science has discovered them.

They have not only discovered nine planets, but also have observed their subtle gravitational force that effects earth and all earthy creatures. Indeed, all planets affect each other and all the material on the earth along with living entities, river, mountains, oceans, continents…  practically everything is affected by them.      

The moment and the place a person is born, this is his first connection with this universe and it creates a unique relation with him, as each moment the universe has different position (of stars and planets) for its constant movement, and it has unique combination and different effect on the individual too on the moment he is born. That further determines the outcome and possibility of the person that how he and his life will be in the light, power, and influence of the planets. But it doesn’t mean that his destiny is fixed, as he always have right and power of karma to change his life and destiny to the desired one.         

What planets gives you is the part of visible universe, and what a person can create by himself is the part of invisible universe and its profound energies. And when they both combine perfectly; it creates a better, peaceful, and harmonious life and fortune invades you. The life is solved in the light of the “Invisible Self” and the “Visible Universe”. 

Consciousness of the person belongs to the invisible universe, and his body belongs to the visible universe. Person is the result of visible and invisible energies of the universes. Vedic Astrology is very mysterious science and should be understand properly. It has all the secrets to know the person and universe at the same time.

So, all visible and invisible energies of the universe can be seen through the chart of the person, that is written in the code language of the planets and their different combinations and gravitational forces. The combination and the subtle energies of the planets records all the actions of the person on physical and emotional levels, and they are charged by them as everything is deeply interconnected in this universe.

When right time comes as per universal plan, they redirect the results to the person with the subtle interaction of the universe that could easily be seen through the planets in his chart.  Then he enjoys all the good or bad results that was only created by him and his energies but not by anyone else. Any God or universe is not responsible for him but only himself and his own Karma, planets store and redirect when the right time comes.          

Vedic astrology also teaches us to be responsible to ourselves and our actions as we are the one who create them and we are one who faces their consequences as well whether they are good or bad, and no one could help us if we are suffering in our lives simply because it is created by ourselves only. The only solution to the suffering is understanding the karma and its results in our life; through our appropriate actions only we can remove suffering from our life but no one else can. As well said; “A wise person lives a better life.”             

Nothing is given by the universe by itself but indeed it is earned by the person under his own responsibility through his intelligent or irresponsible actions, universe only helps to earn a person whatever he decides to earn; it may be good or bad, or even beyond any good or bad that leads one to the liberation and Moksha; which is a world beyond any kind of good, bad, suffering and happiness of the life and is the eternal plane of life and the home of God.

A person decides what he wants in his life, not planets or universe. Universe supports the individuality and its whole eternity as it allows the individual to do whatever he wants to.             

Through the mathematics we can calculate the position and effect of the planet that where they are now and where they will be in some other given time and moment, and its effect on his life can be calculated and can also be predicted as they are constantly moving, keeping the subtle force of his own karma and its possible effect on his life.        

Create your own destiny

Our Rishis have calculated their subtle effect very precisely on earth and earthy creatures. All good, bad, positive, negative effects of planets were calculated thousands of years before based on their movement and their different combinations in different sign and houses, and even further they were able to give solution-based insight to human life if their effect is negative for them.     

They knew human life is not easy like other living creatures for their higher and complicated social, intellectual, emotional, personal… evolution that creates further serious challenges than just the problem of survival that other living creature encounters. Humans not only have to survive but also must make their further evolution to modify their life as per plan of the nature, their own life´s plan and personal ambition.

An animal cannot be more than an animal but human can be whatever he wants; From animal, to human and from demons to even God (realized soul). A huge range of possibility and spectrum is given to the human for their evolution because of generosity of the nature and to complete their evolution.      

So, lots of greater challenges are given to human for being highest in the chain of evolution, and if human can come over them, it makes sense to be human who is wiser, and it gives them power to create their own destiny instead of depending on it like other animals and living creatures. 

Jyotish – the science of light

Animals are bound with their nature and destiny, but humans are free from both and has power to go even beyond them. How? It is explained in the divine science of Vedic Astrology that is based on the planets. It enlightens the life with its extreme insight and penetration. It talks about the light, and it invites you to the light; that is why it is called “Jyotish” (The Science of the Light).  

It is a divine science to help human to be happy, prosperous, peaceful, and liberated from all the clutches of pain, agony, problems, and death and achieve Moksha. By realizing the power of karma, surrounding world, planets, and universe, light and Moksha can be achieved in the life. The six disciplines of Vedas explain about that, but the Jyotish is the prime among them, that is why it is called the eyes of the Vedas. It keeps all the secrets and insights for the better human life.       

Just like medical science, engineering science are there to help and modify the quality of human life, planetary science (Jyotish) is also there, but it is much more subtle and begins from the very root cause of human life, that is light, insight, and ultimate evolution.    

Planets affects us on both subtle and gross levels

The complete planetary science was established thousands of years ago based on their effect on human life. It has not only brought solutions on material side of human life as planets are material entities but also on energy, subtle and psychic side of human life, as at the end, planets are only energy that affects all gross and subtle sides of human life. Our bodies are governed by the material energy of the planets and our mind and emotions are governed by the subtle energy of the planets.     

Both inside and outside (mind, emotions, and physical body) of our existence is significantly affected by the planets. When they are positive, they can make us healthy, intelligent, happy, and fortunate, and when they are negative, they can make us ill, sad, unfortunate, and stupid.

Everything in our life is governed by the surrounding universe and its powerful entities that are planets. Our old Rishis were able to see the subtle effect of these celestial bodies on human life. Just like sun and moon have direct effect on human life, other 7 planets too have subtle effect on human life. For example, Sun affects our soul, father, fame… Moon affects our mind, mother, imagination… Mars affects our courage, will, anger… Mercury affects our worldly intelligence, business skills, logical mind… Jupiter affects our deep spiritual knowledge, Guru, children… Venus affects our wife, love relation, creativity, beauty… Saturn affects our occult knowledge, agony, grief… Rahu brings lots of hurdles and problems… and Ketu represents the light, liberation, and Solutions… So, we can see that planets affects and governs important areas of our life and molds it.

Though their energies are subtle, they can easily be calculated and determined by the science of Jyotish on how they will affect us. These planets are far away but are very powerful and can affect and mold human life. Interaction in between our thoughts, actions and their (planet´s) energies are constant and highly efficient. Nothing can escape from their gravity; all our good, bad, and neutral actions are constantly recorded by them, and fruits are given consequently.           

Sometimes as per karma and bad understanding about the self and the surrounding universe, these celestial bodies create bad energy and friction for an individual and one feels the struggle, non-peaceful and constant failure in life, as harmony and smoothness with the surrounding universe is broken because of lack of understanding of the self, his own actions and not doing intelligent and insightful (positive) karmas. And for that, one is trapped in difficulties and find himself isolated and unfortunate.

Harmonize your interaction with the universe

So, to counter such situations, it is important that one understands the self, effect of his own actions and its interaction with the universe. This can certainly solve his life and can make him fortunate and peaceful. All actions have their reactions, all we need to do is to understand this secret and it can certainly modify our life.          

Our forefathers have also devised the methods of balancing these influences through Mantra as well as the use of precious gemstones and metals so that one can once again create the harmony, peace and happiness in his life and meet the goal of his life.

Planets help us to achieve goal of life

Planets helps us to achieve Dharma, Arth, Kama and Moksha, and the divine circle of life comes to its destination; nothing is left behind unfinished and undone and being human is useful to the universe and the purpose of life is solved.      

From time to time, please do invoke their blessings to balance them. I think it is a very beneficial practice to remain cool, intuitive, prosperous, happy, fortunate, and shining.

And remember, always start with: “Om Gam Ganapataye Namah”, and venerate Lord Ganapati.

🙏  🙏  🙏