“Everything has beauty, but not everyone sees it.”– Confucius

Who doesn’t want to look and feel beautiful? If someone says they don’t want to, it’s hard to believe. Looking beautiful and feeling the same is every person’s dream. Most of us tend to attain beauty by putting on a lot of makeup and good clothes but that doesn’t suffice. The world is surrounded by numerous remedies to attain beauty – something for the eyes, for the face, for the body etc. But will these changes offer a complete beauty experience, in and out?

Our inner beauty focusses on our personality including our mind and character whereas our outer beauty simply reflects our physical looks, which can be replicated through dressing, makeup etc. What is most important is to achieve inner and outer beauty without any makeup. Something that radiates self-confidence, purity, good looks and happiness through a beautiful face and a beautiful body! Something that does not need external entities to look good. The face is the mirror of your inner self, a blueprint of your desires, attitudes, and experiences. It shows us why and who you are today.

Is that possible? Achieving beauty without makeup? Yes, it is! One can achieve beauty with a completely natural regime that includes a variety of mechanisms that can help. Let us understand how it can be done.

How to Achieve Beauty Without Makeup with Astrology, Palmistry and Face Reading

Yes, true beauty that exudes confidence, satisfaction and happiness can be achieved by following a detailed process involving a series of emotional and physical exercises that are tailored as per the needs of an individual. This can be done by interacting with a person on a one-to-one basis, by reading the palm, the face and via astrological understanding. It is a must that these techniques be implemented in the apt direction under the guidance of an expert.

“Beauty without Makeup” is designed to assist individuals achieve their desired form, shape, and beauty consciously by following a specific method of intellectual, emotional, and physical techniques personalized according to your nature and progress. Everybody and anybody can be beautiful at any time of their life. They just need to follow the right techniques in the right direction and make a serious effort towards it.  

This style of reading allows you to create your own reality, take control of your life and bring about the physical manifestation of beauty in yourself. This can be achieved by holding different sessions, applying several exercises on emotional, intellectual, and physical levels, going through various methodologies that affect a range of audience in their respective ways. It also includes a perfect combination of involved activities like healthy food, emotional attributes, exercises for the mind, body, and soul. Sessions are conducted depending on your individual needs and a focused plan is on the journey of complete and “Absolute Transformation”.

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How does Beauty Without makeup Work?

As a result of study and observation of more than a million people through the science known as “Face Reading”, I present a series of reflections, exercises, and tools to achieve true and definitive beauty. You have in your hands an opportunity to create your own beauty in a natural way through an emotional and mental process that will be totally reflected at the physical level, on your face and body. I also provide insight about the personal circumstances and tendencies, which for one or another reason, dispossess you from your natural beauty.

Suggestions of “Beauty without Makeup” is without corners and nooks; it goes directly to your emotions and attitude. After following it you will see that you have no excuses to stop believing in yourself, in the right path of life: This is the only tool to achieve the true beauty that humankind possesses.

In general, 25% of beauty depends on your good food, another 25% depends on your physical work out and the rest of the 50% depends on your mind, attitude, and actions. It is all about discovering all so that you can transmit and enjoy your maximum beauty.

The human body, including the face, has the characteristic of latex: it can be moulded according to your current emotions, feelings, right food, and exercise. You can play with it and give it any shape and form. The secrets to achieve them must simply be followed to get the desired results in the form of your beauty.

Creating a good body and a beautiful face is an art, where your body is the raw material, you are the artist, and your intelligence is the tool. The more intuitive and intelligent you are, the better tools you will have to mould a good body and a wonderful face. In our sessions, I provide the ideas to offer you better tools and an intuitive mind so that you can create a beautiful face and attractive body.

All my recommendations are to redirect and eliminate confusion about yourself and about others. Only this way you will become independent. Independence means honesty and strength, and the result of these qualities will make you interesting and seductive. Follow your personality and beauty will follow you.

The one who has intelligence, inner strength, and good emotions, can create a good and attractive body and beautiful face, by following the instructions of beauty without makeup.

Key Advantages of Beauty Without Makeup

Looking beautiful without makeup has its own set of benefits to be enjoyed. Here are some of them:

  • Achieve not only a beautiful face but a good physical form.
  • Enjoy a whole new experience with “intellectual ingredients”.
  • Self-awareness, discipline, and confidence.
  • Spiritual transformation with inner peace.
  • Channelizing energies towards the better.

Self-consciousness and inner strength.

Let the Magic of Beauty Without Makeup Begin

“Beauty is not in the face; beauty is a light in the heart.” – Khalil Gibran. Beauty, as generally perceived, need not be genetically inherited or be limited to the face and body. Today’s modern world sees beauty as a perfect combination of inner and outer qualities and hence, its dependency on makeup is now no longer relevant. 

Everyone can be perpetually beautiful under the able guidance of experts who can lead them to a fulfilled life through channels like face reading, palm reading, Vedic astrology etc. One should just not hesitate to approach the right source for the right advice. Correct exposure and analysis can lead to wonders!

Garner the best of knowledge and expert advice through a combination of tools and subtleties – Beauty without Makeup is one of my primary forte.  Even my book on Beauty Without Makeup’ has been focusing on attaining beauty through self-consciousness and inner strength. 

Over a span of three decades, this is a unique method of reading that I have developed that combines face reading, palm reading and Vedic Astrology to give an in-depth look at the individual’s life and personality that keeps all the secrets of their face and beauty. The consultation will examine your past and present attitudes, beliefs, and experiences and how they have shaped your life and face. I will guide you through simple yet effective techniques to change your energy and to bring about positive changes on physical, mental, and spiritual levels.  Contact me in case you are looking for any guidance in this arena. I will be happy to help!